Rick Benoit (Jimi Adam )

With every beat that Rick Benoit creates, he discovers new opportunities that allow the song he plays on to truly flourish. Rick has been playing drums since before most of us learned to ride our first bicycle and he hasn’t stopped. Though most influenced by his dear friends and mentors Dr. Phil Caffrey, Atom Willard and Bob Primental, Rick’s also had the good fortune to work with many talented drummers - always learning a new lesson and perspective of his art.

Rick’s been involved in many indie and alternative projects - genres he enjoys most. He’s performed in 13 countries and practically every state in the US while sharing the stage with numerous national and international artists. A highlight of Rick’s career was performing in New York City’s Times Square on New Year’s Eve 2011 during a pre-televised show.

Rick approaches every project with 100% dedication, hard work and professionalism, logging in over 2000 studio hours in his career as a session drummer. His endorses Yamaha Drums, Zildjian, Silverfox, Remo, Protection Racket and Ultimate Ears.

Latest project in the studio is with Jimi Adam recoding his freshman album for a winter 2018 release