Reflector (FanGuangJing)

Reflector has always been regarded as the “the pioneers of Chinese punk”. With the core forces from the once classic punk band- Wuliao Contingent, the new Reflector becomes the first Chinese punk band to tour America in 2001, performing on the same stage with the eminent punk band Anti-Flag. There is no doubt that it is the best and most popular rock band in rock circle of mainland China.

Acting as the wind vane of fashion, Reflector well represents the culture of Chinese young generations. Their works are deeply favored by film directors and advertisers.

In 2000, their Scream Club was featured in the soundtrack to the film Warm Summer Day;

In 2006, they reproduced the folk You are my Sunshine as the ad-music of Yili milk and it was played on scores of domestic TV stations.

In 2006, Jingying Ye, the drum became the second spokesman after Jet Li for Pulsation-a sports drink brand, and featured in the new ad.

In November 2007 touring nationwide

In March 2008 touring nationwide

In Sep   2009 touring nationwide

In April 2010 the new album release the new album  <<Shini>>

In May 2010 Participate in  Midi festival

In May 2010 participate strawberry festival

In 2011 Participate in   Xinlang Wangyi Weibo micro interviews

In 2011, awarding the best band in  18th ERS Chinese TOP Ten

In 2011 awarding the best rock band  in 11th in Chinese TOP Ten

Participate in world urban  music festival

In December 2013 release new album <<our songs>>

In March 2014 Touring nationwide