Peter Bengry (Cornershop)

My interest for rhythm began as a child.. Having travelled to Africa at the age of ten, I was well and truly hooked. This experience influenced my passion and formed a discipline that enabled me to develop my own unique style. However there was a deeper connection to rhythm that fascinated me and became the foundation to my journey into music, this was the therapeutic qualities that music, especially of percussion.

Having decided my direction I began to finely tune my skills and expertise in using percussion as a therapeutic tool focusing on the positive results rhythmical music had to offer. In 1994 I began working with Cornershop, becoming actively involved in the recording of the classic album ´When I Was Born For The Seventh Time´. Following the success of this album we achieved number one status in the charts with ´Brimful of Asha´ in 1998. With endless touring under our belts we continued with ´Handcream for a Generation´ in 2002 and the epic ´Judy Sucks A Lemon For Breakfast´ in 2009.

Still maintaining a solid role with Cornershop as the percussionist, I continue with my passion for music therapy and developed ´Being in Beauty´ in 2002. I currently run workshops on using percussion as a therapeutic tool, offer individual tuition, write music for therapists and develop my skills as a health practitioner focusing on rhythm.