Paul Ashbridge (Aynsley Lister)

Paul has spent the last fifteen years concentrating on music. From rehearsing to gigging, composing to recording, promoting to band managing, tutoring to learning, and purely playing and listening for pleasure; Paul has spent the majority of his time involved with music. His main instrument is the Drum Kit, however he also plays Piano/Keys, Guitar and Bass Guitar. Paul gained a First Class Degree with Honours in Popular Music Performance from Drumtech/LCMM/Wolverhampton Universities, has studied Popular Music Theory to Grade 8 standard and has excellent relative (borderline perfect) pitch. 

From a young age Paul played with bands and orchestras at school and for the city´s Youth Orchestras, playing percussion, and taking part in numerous concerts, including tours of the USA, and Europe. He has since played for many bands as drummer and has gained valuable experience playing in diverse styles and genres, at a variety of venues, with many different well respected musicians. Within the last five years he has been in the Birmingham band ´Walk.DontWalk´ and Wolverhampton´s ´Young Runaways´. With these bands he toured the country, played at big festivals, both in the UK (including Glastonbury) and abroad, played on live television, recorded in top studios and released both singles and albums. That led to signing record deals, and having his music played on mainstream radio. 

Paul is currently touring Europe with Aynsley Lister, a world renowned blues guitarist, alongside his other show/tour projects.