Pat Garvey (The Nindrum Project/Indepentendent/Educator)

Pat is a freelance drummer and multi-instrumentalist. He has been playing drums professionally since he was 17 and as such has had the pleasure of playing "all over the place", "on lots of stuff", "for & with lots of people" & he "seems to have somehow stumbled into education as well" & "it´s all going quite well".

What he actually means by all this is that he´s played all over the UK, Europe & further afield, in venues to anywhere between 5 people & 50´000 people, played on over 300 released recordings from adverts to records & all in between, performed extensively with various bands/aritsts and for various management/record companies & agencies as well as having a healthy list of television credits.

His band The Nindrum Project is signed to Groove Monger Music, his first album ´Lawless´ is out now & by "its all going quite well" he actually means he´s rather happy about it all.

Oh, and by "somehow stumbled into education" what he actually means that he works incredibly hard at his craft, and as such is Head of Drums at BIMM Brighton.