Nathan Anderson Barr (Independent)

I started drumming at the age of 10 when I was attending a jam session. I got a feel for it when I joined my first rock band playing cover gigs and went on to write and record our own album. 

We supported the likes of early 00's pop bands such as Sugarbabes, Darius, Mark Owen and Girls Aloud.

Then went onto to support Bon Jovi on their UK tour. 

Now I'm spending most of my time touring theatre shows including an ABBA/Bee Gees and Celine Dion stage show touring throughout the UK/Europe and Scandinavia. This keeps me busy and very entertained, however still find time to head back to those important jam nights. 

I teach an handful of students throughout the week the rest of my time spent rehearsing or cooking! 

I love using my Protection Racket cases and I have done ever since I have been playing. They travel everywhere with me and have always given me the best protection. 

I use:

Sakae Trilogy Drums

Sabian Cymbals 

Vic Firth 7an Sticks