Luis Campos (Independent)

Luis Campos is mad stylish with that tie-and-vest tank top, tatted-up forearms, and peroxide faux-hawk, but there’s no mistaking the stamp of Weckl-Gadd-Colaiuta in his parts – and judging by those parts’ level of independence – a healthy dose of Antonio Sanchez. Growing up in Sinaloa, Mexico, the 28-year-old began his education in earnest at a conservatory in Mexico City before heading to Los Angeles and continuing with jazz studies. On the aptly named Not Just Drumming, Campos’ eponymous trio specializes in what he calls Latin-jazz fusion. It’s the sort of virtuosic overload not everybody can get into, but the power of his left hand (trad grip) and control in his right foot is jaw dropping. (Dude, why even have a double pedal in your setup?) If you only knew Campos from Collinz Room, the emo-ish band he bashes in, you’d just say he was maybe the tastiest, one-handed-roll—sporting (seriously) rock drummer you’ve never heard of. Luis’s set up looks like this. PAISTE: (14” Hihats, 17” Crash and 8”,10” Splashes Signature Series). (22” Ride, 17” Crash, 18” China Twenty). (18”s Alpha Swiss and thin crashes). DDRUM: 14” snare, 10” 12” 14” toms, 20” and 22” bass drum Reflex Series and Dominion Ash Series. PROTECTION RACKET DRUM CASES: Custom Soft Cases. KOPF PERCUSSION: S-Series DeUno and S-Series Snare Cajon, Bongo snare cajon Hybrid Series. DRUMSTICKS: MIP Artist Signature 5A/5B series.