Kou Zhengyu (Suffocated)

Guitarist of Suffocated Kou Zhengyu

Born in 1979, Kou Zhengyu has played rock and learned guitar since 15 years old. He helped found the band Suffocated in 1997 and the band Spring and Autumn in 2001. After experiencing hundreds of performances, he launched 330 Metal Musical Festival, worked as agent of the band Crack and Die from Sorrow as well as producer of the first album Sadness Trip released by Die from Sorrow. In 2009, he set up an internet radio program Metal Never Gone. In 2015, he established a video program Kou & Instruments aimed at communicating musical instrument’s usage skills.

Kou endorses kinds of world famous instruments including Real sound Effects, HND sound box, American DEAN guitar, American JACKSON guitar, and Japan ESP guitar, ERNIE Ball guitar strings, Marshall sound box, Dunlop Effects, MONSTER connecting line, ALP guitar, SEYMOUR DUNCAN  pickup, and FRAMUS instrument cases, and etc.

Released Album

Resunection of the Gods, Mort Productions

Salute to the DEATH, ADP

Spring and Autumn, the band Spring and Autumn

Dead Wind Rising, RHC Productions

World of Confusion, Pilot Records

Perilous Journey, Pilot Records

Films and TV works

Beijing Rocks, film

Air Diary, film

The Seven Swords, film

Visible happiness, microfilm

Journey, self-documentary film

Suffocated documentary film by Japanese NHK TV Channel

2004 MIDI Musical Festival

2005 MIDI Musical Festival

2007 MIDI Musical Festival

MTV Collapse, the first metal single that entered KTV Melody Song List

Metal Records, American Metal documentary film

Hard Bones, documentary film of World of Confusion