Joe Butterworth (Talanas)

A bright new hope for the next era in metal and alternative drumming combining a stern adherence to solid theory with a radical and inventive approach to composition, Joe Butterworth is set to be instrumental in bringing on the new wave of alternative music.
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Drumming from as young as the age of 5, Joe has come far since his realisation of the desire of the career ahead of him. After insistent playing in early childhood, matter were taken to a more formal level by enrolling for studies at the Freddie Gee Drum Academy and the ACM (Academy of Contemporary Music) in Guildford respectively, eventually being awarded not only grade 5 in drums from the Guildhall School of Music and Drama, but Btec National Diplomas in Popular music from Eastleigh college in 2002 and from the ACM itself in 2003. Following such respected qualifications, Joe sought to develop his already considerable talents through further instruction, including lessons from Mike Sturgis, Pete Riley, Jon Duff, Steve White, Keith le Blanc, Gregg Bissonette and the mighty Glenn Clarke.

Style and Influence:
Calling on a wide variety of influences, Joe is keen to acknowledge the forefathers of his discipline as much as contemporary icons in modern drumming. As well as many elements of ethnic drumming and electronic programming - anything as long as it challenges. From the likes of Nicko Mcbrain (Iron Maiden) and Joey Jordison (Slipknot) to Andy Gangadeen (The Bays / Massive Attack) and Dennis Chambers (Parliament Funkadelic

Presently holding down the hot seat for Talanas. Fans of Joe Butterworth and Interlock can expect to see him in regular metal magazines as well as the more respected drumming-themed titles such as ´Rhythm´ and ´Modern Drummer´.