Dom Chandler (Tracie Hunter)

Dom has been playing drums for about 16 odd years now and has been very lucky to have worked with some great artists in many genres including; (Rock) Rigid, Gecko, Cozy Motel, Playground and The Kases. (Funk/Pop) Snach, The All New Spruce Moose Band, The Endless Sea. (Tribute) 24 Carat Purple, No More Faith, The Chili Peppers Tribute, (Metal) Inner Mantra, Snowblind, he also admits to have eaten a big slice of the function and covers pie. Dom is always looking for interesting people to work with ;-) More recently he has been a permanent member of the Tracie Hunter band and we has recently recorded and released her second studio album ‘Screaming Superego’ Check out Tracies site for more recent news and gigs.