Danny Cummings (Mark Knopfler)

The first Latin percussion instrument that Danny Cummings ever acquired was a second-hand conga he persuaded his parents to buy him for his 21st birthday. "I remember thinking that black fiberglass drum marked the beginning of a new era for me," says Cummings. And perhaps it did: In the 20 years since, the London-based percussionist has recorded with such rock notables as Dire Straits, Tina Turner, George Michael, Penguin Café Orchestra, Elton John, The Pet Shop Boys, Simply Red, Daniel Beddingfield, Talk Talk, Mark Knopfler and Bryan Adams. His playing is particularly well showcased on "Ocean Drive" by The Lighthouse Family, and on the cabaret-tinged "Shag Tobacco" by vocalist Gavin Friday (on which Cummings recorded more than 60 overdubs). He also appears on Knopfler´s newly-released CD Kill To Get Crimson and on Bryan Adams´ most recent album, On a Day Like Today.
Danny has embarked on several projects with Mark Knopfler, both as part of Dire Straits and Knopfler´s solo band. The last Dire Straits album On Every Street featured Danny as a percussionist; Danny has also contributed to Knopfler´s latest album releases as a solo artist, All the Roadrunning and Kill to Get Crimson. Danny toured with Mark Knopfler on the tours for each of these albums and therefore also featured on the live CDs and DVDs On The Night and Real Live Roadrunning (featuring Emmylou Harris).