Benny Calvert (Independent/Calvin Harris)

Benny was born in Berwick-upon-Tweed, Northumberland on 27 January 1981 and eventually raised in Beverley, East Yorkshire. Benny says "Music has always given me pleasure outside of everything else. After trying various instruments, I finally sat behind a drum kit at about age 12. I was away…." Bands Benny has played with & recorded with since include: Zephyr (1995–1997) Swampdiva (1998) Kill to This (1998–2000) Sacktrick (2000–present) Janus Stark (early 2001) Vex Red (2001–2002) Scenes (2003) Twin Zero (2003–2005) Rise to Addiction (mid-2004); Ritchie Neville (2004) Killing Joke (2005–2007) Malpractice/Adam F (2007-present) Calvin Harris (2007–present)
Dream of an Opium Eater (2006–present) Phew!!!