Adam Betts (Three Trapped Tigers)

Adam Betts is a drummer/teacher/producer/writer living in London. Playing from the age of 7, he moved up to London in 2001 to study Jazz at the prestigious Royal Academy of Music. A rocker at heart, while studying he played with a variety of rock/punk/metal groups around London, which infused with the creative Jazz approaches he was studying and developing, to create a fiery mixture behind the kit. Taking the freedom of Jazz, the passion of Rock and Punk, the groove of Funk, the sounds of Electronic music and combining it all with a wild energy and joy, Adam’s drumming doesn’t really sound like anyone else. 

“One constant since their birth back in ‘08, however, is the unf**ckingbelievable skill of the drummer Adam Betts. Few reviews mention the drummer these days, but this one does. The guy is INHUMAN, and it’s his sweat, frenzy and craft that gives ‘Drebin’ and ‘Noise Trade’ their character.” NME review of Three Trapped Tigers’ “Route One Or Die” 

“It would be difficult to single out one musical element which is the most impressive, but it is hard to look past the stick-work of Adam Betts, something which rarely falls below slack-jawed wonderment in terms of appreciation.” BBC Review of Three Trapped Tigers’ “Route One Or Die”